Rest, Read, Review and Reconnect

The week between December 25th and January 1st is traditionally a slow week, that’s why it’s the ideal time for me to take a few moments to rest, read, review, and reconnect.

1. Rest: It’s the time of year when I have to be intentional about putting down certain technology, turning off Hulu, ESPN and being more present with my family. Unfortunately, I’ve learned the hard way the importance true-rest plays in overall productivity, success and good health. The following three activities I discuss will do you or me any good if we are exhausted, irritable, stressed, short-tempered, disorganized, or just plain tired (all can be a result of improper sleep, and/or little to no distraction-free rest).

2. Read: I try to catch up on some reading I’ve put off during the year.

    • Read one of the non-business related books on my To Read List. This year, I’ve decided to read Shaken by Tim Tebow.
    • Read several articles, research studies from my Get Pocket queue.
    • Scan Unread emails to make sure I didn’t miss any important messages.

3. Review: I take the time to review new connections and relationships made during the year. I spend time looking over my LinkedIn connections, new subscribers to my blog as well as new twitter and Instagram followers.

By far my favorite activity of the week is taking a look back through my calendar. I am reminded of the people I met, events and meetings I attended, and the leaders and their businesses I was blessed to consult with and coach. I love how I am able to quickly see when and how God places people in my path and me in theirs. Most years at this time, I’m not aware of why or for what purpose I was connected to these individuals and groups, however, every year the same lessons are reinforced by these connections. I seem to always be reminded that trust is everything, life is about relationships, gut-feelings about people are right more often than they are wrong, forgive those who hurt you, stay away from those who harm you, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression and the world truly is small… after all.

4. Reconnect: One of the mornings, I head over to a local library, and/or coffee shop to catch up on some pen-to-paper correspondence; write some ‘thank you’ notes, and send out my annual New Year’s card to clients and close friends.

Your Turn: In what ways can you be intentional toward yourself to get some well-needed rest this weekend? How will you spend time reviewing, and reconnecting over the next several days as we welcome the new year?

The hope for Moments with Mitch is to provide a moment or two each week that challenges you to take action, encourages you to keep moving forward and reminds you every moment we are given matters.

Thank you for being on this journey with me – now let’s go make our next moment count!

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For the previous twenty years, I’d served in various executive leadership positions including a Fortune 500 company, mega-church, large nonprofit organization, and several small entrepreneurial companies.

I hold a Masters from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and BA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. My current service positions include the Susan G. Komen NC Triad Board of Directors, University of North Carolina at Charlotte Alumni Association Board of Directors, and the Online Brand Camp leadership team. I teach part-time at the Guilford Technical Community College Small Business Center.

I’m also a son, brother, husband, dad, coach, and storyteller.

I created A Tie that Binds Foundation and National Pink Tie Day in 2013 with colleagues to provide resources, support, and hope for men who face breast cancer alongside the women they love. Learn more about breast cancer awareness resources and education organizations at

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