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short exchanges in communication and behavior

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This past week, my youngest daughter, Emma Kate and I drove to our local Play It Again Sports store in hopes of finding a gently used size 4 soccer ball for her upcoming Fall season. The only available soccer ball that would work was a new ball priced over $20, not wanting to pay that much I pulled out my iPhone and proceeded to the Amazon App where I scanned the costs and colors of hundreds of size 4 soccer balls. Within seconds we found the color she wanted (purple), and the price I was willing to pay. We placed our order, confirmed our shipping address and received a confirmation email before we left the store parking lot.

Google refers to this type of short exchange in communication and behavior as a micro-moment.

Micro-moments occur when a need to watch something, learn something, buy something, communicate something or recall something presents itself.

To play YouTube video click image above.

The next time you stop to ask Siri a question or scroll through email, or Google anything on a mobile device you have experienced a micro-moment. Mobile has changed everything. Our moments are ‘likes’, ‘snaps’, adding emoji’s to messages and simply “reacting” to others while on Facebook.

According to Forrester and the Nielsen Company Audience Report the average American

  • receives 3,000+ branded impressions each day
  • sends/receives 122 emails
  • spends nearly 11 hours a day staring at a screen
  • has an attention span of only 8 seconds

8 seconds? Are you kidding me?

Now where was I? Just joking.

These and several related statistics that I will share in the coming weeks led me earlier this year to rethink my entire communication strategy for this newsletter/blog, its content and format. As a result, Moments with Mitch was born. My hope for these moments is to provide a moment or two each week that challenges you to take action, encourages you to keep moving forward and reminds you every moment we have is precious.

Thank you for being on this journey with me – now let’s go make every moment count!


PS – EK’s ‘purple’ soccer ball arrived 2 days later.


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