4 LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

Over the past several years, I have coached many individuals on how to maximize LinkedIn. I have noticed many are fearful of making mistakes. The only way to avoid mistakes is to say and/or do nothing. Mistakes will happen, we need to minimize them. In the process of my coaching, I’ve narrowed down the four mistakes people tend to make that diminished effectiveness.

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  1. Posting a selfie or no image at all in your profile – Come on, get a stranger to take a picture with your iPhone or invest a $100 bucks in your future and get a professional headshot.
  2. Viewing LinkedIn as a tool for a job search only – It’s an amazing research tool that puts you legitimately in contact with customers and clients you might otherwise never meet. Be honest when making connections.
  3. Treating LinkedIn like Facebook, twitter, or other “social” platforms – Unless you are a clown looking for work, don’t act like one on LinkedIn. Treat your profile and connection outreach like the proverbial 60 seconds in the elevator. Be respectful, professional, and honest.
  4. Not putting in the time – It does take time to get a top-notch profile in place, but in return you get 24/7 name, company, and brand exposure. You also get the opportunity to be part of an international online conversation about hundreds of topics.

“If you’re making mistakes it means you’re out there doing something” – Neil Gaiman

LinkedIn needs to hear your voice, experience your work. Go make mistakes.


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